Singapore Blockchain Week 2022 Recap

3 min readAug 5, 2022

The Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, held at Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall A on July 26–27, provided us with a chance to host a big GEMS booth. We introduced traditional gamers to GameFi by showcasing the GEMS NFT marketplace demo to demonstrate the potential the NFT rental system has. That is, renting NFTs to immerse into crypto games is affordable. We also had several interviews with crypto YouTubers like Mystery of Crypto’s Lucky Mittal.

In addition, we demonstrated how GEMS hosts both Web2 and Web3 Esports competitions, where the gamers– registered to our future platform, will be awarded via blockchain. On July 26 from 2pm to 6pm, we hosted Splinterland 1v1 esports tournament. Splinterland is a Web3 card game, where picking the best card deck wins the game. The next day, the same time, GEMS hosted DOTA 2 Esports Tournament, a popular online battle arena Web2 game. The winners of both games were awarded event-exclusive GEMS NFTs.

Speeches from GEMS’ Co-founders

Andy Koh, GEMS’ CEO, keynoted on ‘Riding on the wave of Blockchain and Web3’ at the Singapore Blockchain Week. He pinpointed the differences between web iterations. For instance, Web2– the current web, is the participative social web while Web3 represents ownership of the web. Hence, while Web2 in-game purchases enhance users’ ability in the game, Web3 in-game assets can be monetized.

Tracy Sheriden Tan, Arena Esports Hotel CEO and a founding member of GEMS, discussed an inclusive world, or simply, the metaverse where everyone will get an opportunity. Yuen Wong, LABS Group CEO, also highlighted everyone taking part in the new economy. He urged companies to get involved in creating a shared economy to bring investors and project owners together. GEMS is at the forefront in bridging Web2 to Web3 and allowing Web2 gamers to reap Web3 benefits.

Our Next Expo is Play-to-Earn Expo

GEMS never runs out of Expos. We have an upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) Expo happening from August 10 to 13, at W Hotel Bangkok & Metaverse. We will have panel spots, keynote speeches and host another PUBG Mobile Tournament.


The P2E Expo schedule will be as follows:

12 August — 1000–1040: Keynote by Andy Koh
12 August — 1740–1820: “How Esports is taking over GameFi” Panel
13 August — 0900–1800 PUBG Mobile Tournament
13 August — 1900–2100 GEMS after-party at The House on Sathorn

Join us:

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