Metafluence x GEMS Crossover AMA recap

  1. Influence more
  2. Influence to earn
  3. Built for influencers
  1. Shopping Room, Events Room, Showcase Room
  2. Events Room, NFT Room, The Grand Hall
  3. Shopping Room, Events Room, NFT Room
  4. NFT Room, Events Room, Influencer Room
  1. 20%
  2. 36%
  3. 55%
  4. 40%
  1. 24 th of January
  2. 24th of February
  3. 21st of January
  4. $METO is not publicly trading
  1. Integration of VR Technology
  2. Public sale of LAnd Plots and Metahuts
  3. Launch of the MVP
  4. Development of the NFT marketplace

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GameFi, E-Sports, Metaverse and SocialFi. GEMS is an Esports NFT social sharing portal and O2O ecosystem.