Section 1: Meet & Greet
Section 2: Questions from Tweet
Section 3: Live-chat Questions

Anjelica: Hello #GEMSter welcome to another #GEMSCrossoverAMA. I am Anjelica — GEMS Partnership Manager. I’m so excited to be hosting today’s AMA along with Jack — Business Development Manager of FOTA. Welcome to GEMS!

Before we start, could Jack please introduce the #GEMSter a little bit about yourself and the development team of FOTA?

Jack: For myself, My name is Jack. At the moment, I’m the Business Development manager of FOTA. Together with the core, I have been with FOTA since the beginning to build up a strong and healthy community for our project. Moreover, I also advise the Marketing Team to give out some of the best strategies for FOTA.

That is about me, for the core team:

+ CEO Duc Trinh: He is also the Investment Advisor of Hobbit Venture, with 4 years of experience in the Blockchain Industry. (LinkedIn:

+ COO/CPO Binh Nguyen: He is Principal Engineer at KIXEYE STUDIO and Technical Consulting Architect at VNG Corporation with many years experience in Gaming Industry (LinkedIN:

+ CTO Ryan Nguyen: He is one of the 200 most talented engineers globally under the Microsoft Aspire Program. (LinkedIn:

+ Art Director: Mr Minh Hoang (LinkedIn:

Anjelica: What is FOTA? Why did you choose that name? Is there a story behind it?

Jack: FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game Project published by DJINN PTE. LTD. Our Metaverse creates a fantasy universe with 8 races at the time of launch, including: Omni, Dragon, Elf, Human, Keen, Demon, Beast, Ogre existing on three worlds: Greenland, Earth and Nightmare. Among these 8 races and 3 worlds, players are allowed to choose a variety of characters to start their journey.

When we design our game, we think of developing a fantasy world for people to experience a Metaverse with an immersive dimension. But every civilization comes up with the war before they can become mature in every aspect. That’s why our game gains the name Fight of The Ages, so we allow our gamers/players to witness the natures of civilization through many lands such as Greenland, Earth, and Nightmare.

Anjelica: What genre is FOTA? What can we do in the game?

Jack: In our first phrase, it will be Real-time strategy

Our Gameplay has two mode: Player-v-Player and Player-v-Environment

👉 PvP:

⭐️ Duel: players can organize their own match at any time based on FOTA’s automatic matching algorithm.

⭐️ Arena: players can create rooms in 1v1 mode where each user controls 3 to 5 heroes, and 2v2 to 5v5 mode, where each user controls 1 hero.

⭐️ Tournament: are major competitions held on a quarterly or annual basis, in which players will be chosen as the champion with the title of The Universe Champion.

👉 PvE:

⭐️ Daily Quest: layers will fully experience the storyline throughout the FOTA universe

⭐️ Warrior Quest: he platform will organize events to maintain rankings for all players to promote development and help players get back the incentive rewards that are FOTA Tokens

⭐️ Seasonal Quest: the platform will host side events that allow players to complete quests and receive Super Rare items or rewards.

Anjelica: There are indeed major problems with the GameFi space, how does FOTA plan to keep the game sustainable?

Jack: When we design our game, we want the game to be a long-term project with 2 Parts (Unity Saga and Worlds Saga). So to help the game be sustainable, we have to understand the problem of hyperinflation. So the hyperinflation comes from 2 things:

- The huge increase in price of NFTs

- The huge drop in price of Tokens

So we need to do a lot of analytic research to give our the solution:

1/ For the NFT: We understand that the price of NFT will rise in the future due to scarcity and rareness. The consequence is that less and less people can play the game. That’s why we came up with the Rent-to-Play feature. We allow entry players to hire the NFTs for playing the game without investing too much at the beginning, and the NFT owners can put their assets on our Marketplace for Rent and earn extra money.

2/ For the Token, the decrease in price comes from 2 things: Shortage of Usage and Increased Circulation. So we push the Use-case of $FOTA as much as possible: $FOTA can be used to purchase NFT in Marketplace, and used as the Collateral Asset for Rent NFT, used as the Governance Token for FOTA DAO, or used $FOTA for Hybrid Farming program. And we will burn the FOTA Token to decrease the circulation

- Anjelica: Thank you! Now we move to Section 2 of the AMA, Jack will answer 5 selected questions from our tweet.

Anjelica: The first question from @annajonah10

I heard that the project wants to be a MetaFi Platform, can you talk more about it?

Jack: Yes we want to become a MetaFi Platform. So in the MetaFi Industry, FOTA will focus on GameFi, SocialFi and Metaverse

For the core idea: In the past, players have accepted that their items are stuck forever in games and can’t move freely. Blockchain gaming serves to unchain those barriers and carry even more exciting developments. At FOTA, we implement Blockchain technology to:

- Absolute Ownership: FOTA provides the NFT Assets as a tool for players to control and manage their crypto-asset, such as Heroes, Skin, Weapon, and other equipment in their private wallet.

- Metaverse Economy: Blockchain acts as a layer 1 to power the entire financial and economic activities such as payment gateway, asset exchange, asset rent,…

Moreover, we want our community to balance between Earning and Entertainment at the sametime.

Anjelica: Q2 from @madorabbo

Can you tell me about the benefits of holding FOTA’s NFTs? NFTs are very important assets of GameFi, I would like to know more about them.

Jack: Our NFT System comprises 4 types:

- Hero: with 8 races at the time of launch, including: Omni, Dragon, Elf, Human, Keen, Demon, Beast, Ogre (

- Items:

- FOTALand:

- Skin: Fashionable item

Our NFT can be Rent-to-Play, the amount of NFT will be limited for each hero. So it will be very rare in the future!

Also, in The Worlds Saga (Phrase 2), FOTA will open the Cross-NFT feature, thereby allowing users to bring NFT assets, such as Hero and Items, to other game platforms owned by DJINN. Those NFT assets will be optimized to be used across multiple GameFi projects.

Anjelica: Q3 from @lilkrazy788
What are the ways to get profitable with FOTA?

Jack: You can make money by:

- Playing game: you will earn $FOTA through completing missions in game modes like:

+ PvP:

1/ Due

2/ Arena

3/ Tournament

=> Especially that the Tournament in PvP Mode will be organized as E-Sport for many players around the world to combat 💪😎

+ Campaign (PvE):

1/ Daily Quest

2/ Warrior Quest

3/ Seasonal Quest

- Trade NFT: NFTs that users can trade on the FOTA Marketplace include the System of Hundreds of Heroes that are updated every week, Fotaland, Skins, and 70 items at The Unity Saga.

- Rent-to-play: Rent-to-play allows players who already have Heroes and Items of high levels to rent out those NFT properties on the FOTA Marketplace.

- Hybrid Farming

and many more attractive features will be opened in the future 😊

Anjelica: Q4 from @JBcute789: The market is not really good with the drop of BTC, will that affect the development of the project? What does FOTA have to attract and retain investors in the current “winter” market situation?

Jack : To be honest, Downtrend is an unfavorable time for investment, but beneficial for product development and marketing. Currently, the FOTA team has enough potential and budget to develop the game for the next many years. In addition, FOTA also has development strategies related to Gameplay, NFT, Metaverse and even Top 10 exchanges to list FOTA.

In terms of attracting investors and gamers, FOTA will focus on Products and Communities:

- The product will receive continuous updates, as well as the FOTA team will bring the game to platforms like Android, iOS and MacOS so that more people can participate.

You can follow FOTA’s development team to continuously update the product here:

📎 Telegram:

📎 Facebook:


📎 ArtStation:



- In terms of the community, FOTA will help users easily access the game and increase the liquidity and value of $FOTA by listing tokens on exchanges with a large number of users to turn traders into gamers.

Anjelica: Impressive answers! Now we move to the Last Section of the AMA, Live-chat Questions. Please list your questions for Jack, there will be 5 selected questions! You have 3 minutes to send your questions.

Anjelica: OK, I think that’s enough time to send questions. Let’s answer.

Q1 @lexluthor6: Is the staking supported in your project? If the answer is yes, what is the system like?

Jack: Yes! FOTA creates a “Hybrid Farming” mechanism that first appeared on the crypto market that allows users to use both LP tokens and FOTA Tokens to Farm with a LP token/FOTA Token profit ratio of 2.5 to encourage users to farm with LP tokens. Users can Claim profit every day and un-farm anytime without any cost. The liquidity source of the farming pool comes from the generated sales of Skill upgrades and the profit from selling Aether. Aether is the source of energy used to mix items and skills in the game. Players can buy Aether on the FOTA Marketplace.

Q2 @shisui9996: As I know, FOTA isn’t free to play. Can you give us an estimate of how much a gamer should put up to start your game?

Jack: For the game, you will need at least 3 heros (NFT). The price for Hero will be varied from 170$ to 200. So, you will need between 510$ to 600$ for three heroes. For this reason, we open the INO on multi-platform and users can easily choose their favorite heroes for battling. The INO will take place many days, so don’t worry about the time.

Q3 @invisiblesh: Could you show me what makes your project different from other competitors? About your NFT, your staking system,… I want to know more!

Jack: There are some our unique features that will allow us to be superior than the competitor

🔹 MicrosoftMesh (MR) Technology

> FOTA integrates the Microsoft Mesh technology, a Platform built by Microsoft Corporation to explore and experience the Metaverse in the best way. Microsoft Mesh is the world’s first Platform that fully supports MR technology.

> We already received the Oculus 2 Prototype from Microsoft to develop an application on their Mixed Reality Platform. And we have to scale up the 3D Dimension to match the surrounding environment. Moreover, we have to utilize the experience with this device so that players can control their actions within this 3D space. And I promise this is a stunning experience.”

🔹 Hybrid Farming

> FOTA creates a “Hybrid Farming” mechanism that first appeared on the crypto market that allows users to use both LP tokens and FOTA Tokens to Farm with a LP token/FOTA Token profit ratio of 2.5 to encourage users to farm with LP tokens. Users can Claim profit every day and nonfarm anytime without any cost.”

🔹 Rent To Play & Cross NFT

> Rent to play: this is one of the best solutions for gamers who don’t have too much many. They can hire heroes from other players to play FOTA and earn money. In order that, other players can earn money from let players hire their own heroes

> Cross NFT: All NFTs from version 1 can be crossed and used in our version 2 — The world Saga.

The feature will allow users to bring NFT assets, such as Hero and Items, to other game platforms owned by DJINN. Those NFT assets will be optimized to be used across multiple GameFi projects.

Q4 @monkeynft9: One of the important elements of the FOTA universe is the 3D experience. Could you tell me more about how you plan to produce this totally immersive 3D experience? With MR technology?

Jack: We work with Microsoft to implement 2 technologies: Mixed Reality Technology and Microsoft Mesh. The MR Technology will be based on the HoloLens 2 device. And we already received the device from Microsoft to develop the app on it. FOTA Metaverse will demonstrate the 3D Dimension with Lively Character for the users to experience these fantasy worlds.

With MR technology, the things of the real world and the virtual world will interact with each other. You will have a much more realistic experience than AR or VR.

Anjelica: Great AMA Jack! It was delightful to have you here today @jack_fota

Jack: Thank you Anjelica for inviting me to the GEMS Community.

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