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Anjelica: Welcome our guest today Mark Taylor — CMO from Bibox. We have been approaching Bibox for a long time and are very excited to reach an AMA partnership with Bibox.

Mark: Thanks GEMS team so much for efforts to the partnership. It’s a great honor for me to be here and to represent Bibox carrying out the AMA with GEMS. We are very happy to have GEMS as a partner in the near and long term.

Anjelica: Super. And what do you bring to GEMS users for AMA today Mark?

Mark: As this is my first time to meet GEMS users, I will bring $50USDT worth of token for 5 winners in the AMA. If you are not selected, don’t worry, a surprise is waiting for you. Now,I cannot disclose more.

Anjelica: Fantastic! So let’s get started

1、Hi, Mark. Could you please introduce Bibox to our community members?

Sure. Bibox, one of the most secure and experienced digital assets exchange platforms, was founded in 2017. Bibox was dominant in the industry during 2017–2019 as a TOP5 CEX in the world. Although time passes and competition gets fierce, Bibox is still acknowledged as the TOP20 CEX and frequently reported by world-renowned tier1 blockchain media, such as CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, NewsBTC, Coinspeakers and so forth.

We have extended our business reach to over 60 countries and regions and gained 8 million registered users around the world. We deeply cultivate in Russia, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other regions. Our website is, if you have not experienced it, you are welcome to register an account to enjoy your crypto journey with us.

• 600+ tokens listed

• 20M registered users worldwide

• 400K DAU

• Extensive network with more than 2K partners

• 2 billion USD daily trading volume

• 83K Twitter followers

2、Can you explain why we should use Bibox? Please state the advantages of Bibox.

Bibox has some attractive features. Let me tell you one by one.

Years of Global Marketing Experience:

As the world’s first cryptocurrency partner of the London Stock Exchange, Bibox has been focusing on the global market since its inception. We deeply cultivate in Russia, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other regions.

Multiple Security Measures:

Bibox owns multiple safeguards such as two-factor authentication, AI monitoring system, and digital asset insurance ensure the safety of users’ assets. Bibox is rated as “the most secure trading platform of the year” by domestic and foreign professional institutions many times.

Outstanding Financial Ability:

Bibox has strong financial product liquidity and financial product design capabilities. We are the first crypto exchange in the industry who designed and launched a USDT swap contract , and we also released the first Trading Bot in the crypto industry.

3、How does Bibox evaluate the pros & cons of a project before it actually enters the Bibox market?

All projects will be evaluated and researched by an investment and research department before listing. The investment and research department will analyze the projects, provide listing information and plan for avoiding risks. This is to protect Bibox’s global users. Bibox has made the best efforts to choose high quality cryptocurrency projects , but all investment on cryptocurrency projects is subject to high market risks, users need to do their research and control risk before investment.

4、Binance, Okex, and even several other exchanges in the same industry have deployed exchange public chains. Bibox has been silent for a long time, and no relevant progress has been reported until now. What is the current situation of Bibox’s public chain?

Bibox has not planned to deploy its own public chain for now. And whether Bibox will launch a public chain in the future or not depends on the development of both the exchange and crypto industry. Actually, as a cryptocurrency trading platform. The most important things for us are asset security, product variety and user experience, instead of an exchange public chain.

Public chain will increase the cost for transferring tokens/coins. According to the current industry development, developing a Bibox public chain is not a priority. We will consider this suggestion when the time is good to do it.

5、Is Bibox planning the future layout in industry?which field is Bibox interested in ?

Yes,Bibox will set up a $20 Million Bibox Lab Fund for investing in potential projects. Bibox Lab will follow Bibox’s approach in rigorously screening quality start-up projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry to select projects with the best potential for investment and incubation. With the commitment of empowering Crypto/Web 3.0 Builders with Deep Insights and Global Resources, it is also a community-friendly and research-driven full-stage corporate venture that focuses on Defi, Game-Fi, Web 3.0, infrastructure, working closely with its portfolio projects throughout the journey of entrepreneurship.

Also, as you could see on our social media, we are extensively partnering with potential and engaging Gamefi projects. We expect to form a sustainable and benign network and ecosystem to develop with partners together and offer strong support in terms of funds, resources, marketing strategies and so forth.

6、 Where could we get the update and information of Bibox?

We are very welcome and invite you guys to follow our official twitter (Bibox (@Bibox365) / Twitter) and join our TG community ( . You can get to know the updates of Bibox, the events and online campaigns we hold, and recent information of Bibox partners you may be interested in.

Live Q&A session

Anjelica: Great.

Anjelica: Thank you Mark for the great answers. Let’s move to the next session: live AMA

Anjelica: Listen up #GEMSter , the group chat, will open in 30 seconds.


  1. Please ask questions that are related to BIBOX and tag Mark with your question.
  2. Username should be shown and remain unchanged until the end of the claiming process

Anjelica: Time’s up. The chatroom is closed now. Mark please pick 5 questions to answer.

Verna Stuckey: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Mark: There will 3 things priorities in the upcoming year.

1. Build strong GameFi ecosystem and network. Launch free voting listing function that allows Gamefi projects with potential compete to list on Bibox that offers support for their development. We will put a lot of efforts on Gamefi area.

2. Deeply expand Africa and South America market, increasing registered users to 15M

3. NFT direction. We are exploring the opportunities on NFT market and try to find first-mover advantages.

@Danyelleaguirre43: Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one ?

Mark: We do have an ambassador program. We have a team specifically responsible for recruiting Bibox ambassadors. There are two ambassador programs — business and marketing. So if you are interested in the ambassador program of Bibox, you could contact us in the Bibox community. Ambassador team will reach out to you. To be an ambassador, there are a few benchmarks to be met.

@Loversss10: Many exchange have been hacked, even though they have a high level of security. so how safe are the funds to be saved at Bibox ? Do you have a mechanism to prevent such attacks ?

Mark: This is good question. And I believe many of you have heard of some exchanges got hacked. Bibox built strong security network and has a security team to protect users funds. We did not meet any of hack problems since we established due to several features protectng user assets. That’s why users are willing to put their funds on Bibox.

Anjelica: Congrats to the first 3 winners! 2 more questions.

Barham Karyn: Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

Mark: We only partner with potential projects with ambition and vision, like GEMS, Illuvium. We review the project before approaching and discussing partnership. We had and are going to have several partnershps with GameFi projects and start marketing campaigns with them. We are looking for long-term partnership to develop together with partners.

Bibox and GEMS would probably have further interaction on events later, stay tuned.😊

@cervantes54: Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community? Are we allowed in decision making, do you put community into consideration ?

Mark: This is an awesome question. We do. We are ready to start campaigns on Twitter to ask feedback from our users, listen to them and make changes. Users who hold BIX (Bibox platform token) could make decision, especially when the voting listing function get launched. We value Biboxers feedback and suggestion!

Anjelica: Thanks Mark for answering questions. Now it’s REWARDS time. Mark please select 5 users as winners to split $50.

(Mark selecting users)

Anjelica: As you said at the beginning of AMA, there is a surprise for users who are not selected?

Mark: Yes! I specifically designed a red pocket for GEMS users today. $200 worth of tokens in total and the amount for each red pocket is random, but not more than that of winners.

Anjelica: so how to get it?

Mark: I’m gonna attach the link here, the steps to get rewards are super easy.

- Click the link

- put your email address and sign up

- you get the token airdrop rewards

- once you log into your Bibox account, you will find it.

Anjelica: Awesome! Quick to try and get it. Alright, this is all for AMA today, thanks Mark again for coming and delivering Bibox.

Mark: I appreciate GEMS for inviting me. We would have further partnership with GEMS. Stay tuned!!!

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