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Hello GEMSTERs! October marked another productive month for our community, with highlights across several tournaments and events. We contracted with NARAKA: BLADEPOINT for the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT SEA Open and collaborated with Empower to host an online DOTA 2 Tournament. Our CEO, Andy Koh, was also a speaker at Thailand crypto week and spoke on the topic of “Why does Web3 involve gaming cryptocurrency and blockchain? Current GameFi trend in SEA”.


In late September, we were thrilled to announce that we were the first Esports 3.0 Platform to contract with NetEase Esports for the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT SEA Open. We assisted NetEase in managing the tournament operations from start to finish.

With a generous prize pool of 15,000 USD and the opportunity to become the representatives to participate in Naraka: Bladepoint World Championship 2022, our strong SEA community had 128 players and 128 teams successfully signed up in just 4 days.

The competition had 3 rounds, kicking off its open-qualifiers on 1–2 October. Only 32 players and teams made it through to the semi-final rounds on 8–9 October. From there, only 16 players and 16 teams entered the Grand Finals.

Let’s have another look at the open-qualifier and semi-final competition recaps:




To take the Grand Finals to the next level, we invited famous shoutcasters Asurai and Raf Alino to be the Livestream casting entertainment of the English live broadcast.

At its peak, there were over 4,100 online audiences witnessing the exciting moments. And on the end of YouTube streaming, over 251,000 views. Check out the link below to be reminded of the players’ excellent performances!

We supported the gamers and provided outstanding tournament services from the very start. We have also witnessed the players pick themselves up again and again to fight for the top spot. The journey was short but held unforgettable experiences for a lifetime.

GG・Tanoshi claimed the championship as the solo player who dominated in-game performance, with a total leading score of 51.7. TTVMasterDeemo and F00Dsss placed first runner-up and second runner-up with 42.8 and 38.1, respectively. Team FA (with members Minds, Loves, paralyzeN and Olivier) and IK2 (Bananice, ik一Tiger, Fishballl, and Atree) were the two winning teams.

All the winning solo players and teams will represent SEA at the NARAKA: Bladepoint World Championships 2022.



NARAKA: Bladepoint World Championships assembled teams and players from the six regions of China Mainland, North America, EU, Vietnam, Asia, and Southeast Asia. It will eventually come down to 24 teams and solo players who will fight for the ultimate glory of being crowned the champions of the 2022 NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championships.

Catch the 2022 NBWC Group Stage on December 2–7, 2022 and the Finals Stage on December 15–18, 2022 on their Twitch (EN) channel :

DOTA 2 Tournament with Empower

We also announced a partnership between the GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform and Empower for an online DOTA 2 Duel Tournament. Registrations were held from 23–30 Oct 2022. The first-place winner will get SGD 300, while the second and third-placers will get SGD 150 and SGD 50, respectively. Participants need to be Singaporean to be entitled to the winning prize pool.

The online tournament was coupled with an offline marketing thrust of a pop-up merchandise store located in Funan Mall, Singapore. In partnership with Secretlabs, the store was open from 23 to 30 October, running concurrent to The International 2022. The store featured an exclusive showcase of TI11 jerseys and merchandise from the following teams: Alliance, BOOM Esports, Talon Esports, Team Aster, and TSM FTX.

The online tournament will start with 64 players put under a Single Elimination process. To cut down the number of players from 64 to 16, it will be via a BO1 (best of one) format. Starting from the Top 8 to the Top 4 elimination, it will follow a BO3 format, and the grand finals will be a BO5.

The tournament schedule is as follows:

  • Top 64 — Top 16 (BO1): 5th Nov 2022
  • Top 8 — Top 4 (BO3): 6th Nov 2022
  • Grand Finals (BO5) and 3rd Place Match: 13th Nov 2022

This endeavor with Empower will once again showcase GEMS’ Esport 3.0 platform. The tournament will use the GEMS platform throughout the duration of the event, starting from registration until the end of the event. This event opens more opportunities for GEMS and potential partners in the Esports scene. These collaborations and partnerships will also highlight GEMS’ core Esport 3.0 platform and provide value to both our partners and their communities.

Thailand Crypto Week

GEMS was also at Thailand Crypto Expo 2022, one of the largest Web3 events in Asia, where speakers from the crypto-sphere share their experiences in shaping the industry. Joined by over 40 C-Level executives, professionals, and influencers from all over the globe, our CEO Andy Koh was invited to speak at this event for the second year in a row. He headlined a talk on “Why does Web3 involve gaming cryptocurrency and blockchain? Current GameFi trend in SEA.”

GEMS Esport 3.0 Platform’s participation in this event solidifies our status as one of the forerunners and pillars of this space. GEMS merges GameFi, Esports, Metaverse, and SocialFi on one platform, offering a new approach on how gaming is done with the inclusion of blockchain technology. The Thailand Crypto Event offered many opportunities for GEMS and its stakeholders as the attendees were offered insights on how GameFi is impacting the Web3 space and how SEA is becoming the trailblazer in Asia. With this, more collaborations and partnerships are expected to be featured in the near future for both us and our stakeholders.

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