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3 min readMay 17, 2022


👉 We all know that the rise of Web 3.0 and blockchain will bring about a new shared economy with innovative modes of monetization. This form of economy is a model that allows for community activity, sharing assets or services and will usually be brought about through a community-based online platform. Basically, you and your friends can make some bucks through an online community, just by getting a little creative. But how exactly will this look in the new environment? Well, GEMS has plans to be a major contributor and can spill some tea on this…

The 4 types of monetization that GEMS will cater to:

💰 GameFi (Gaming Finance): Gamers and traders will play to earn! Time is certainly their money here. In the GEMS NFT Marketplace and DeFi Union, gamers and traders have multiple payment options — rental, Buy It Now, auctions & instalments. Also, they can take part in staking and loans.

💰 Metaverse Finance: GEMS will track the gameplay/ gaming activities of the digital lifestylers, then generate E-GEMS to the players according to their gaming activities. There will be a series of Metaverse missions for the players to earn (E-GEMS) rewards.

💰 Esports Finance: Players, team managers and sponsors can take a cut of their own through the P2E Arena with Esports tournaments and gaming events.

💰 SocialFi (Social Finance): Fans, streamers/ influencers can earn money by participating in the FanFi Studio and DAO Guild. Fans can earn fan tokens, and streamers will make money with live streaming. GEMS will help these talents reach the right, massive audiences that multiply engagement.

The entire ecosystem is intertwined with both Online and offline elements that support each other through one epic system.

Online: VCs and Blockchain partners support the 5 products of GEMS: DeFi Union, NFT Marketplace, DAO Guild, P2E Arena, and FanFi Studio. The DeFi Union provides decentralized financial facilities such as collateralized lending and asset staking. The goal of the GEMS NFT Marketplace is to make gaming NFTS available to everyone through rentals, sale listings and pre-sales.The DAO Guild allows players to team up, decide, vote and manage the Guild’s direction. In the P2E Arena, competitive players can compete against each other in teams or individuals, for an immersive online to offline GameFi experience. And finally, the FanFi Studio helps Esports rising stars to gain recognition and exposure from the appropriate audiences. Ultimately, these platforms are designed to support our GEMSTERS and in turn, will keep the GEMS wheel in motion.

Offline: Arena Esports Hotel is a global leading franchise for Esports hotels, hostels & serviced residences that will lead the way for the SEA Esports Hotel Tournaments. This will be the ultimate O2O experience for our fans. This then helps our online ecosystem function, contributing to the ecosystem as a whole.

So now, as you can see, our ecosystem can only exist through offering modes of monetization to our supporters (GEMSTERS, VCs, partners etc.)…. and this is the essence of the new shared economy! Bring on Web 3.0!

About GEMS

GEMS stands for GameFi, Esports, Metaverse and SocialFi.

Proudly presenting Esports 3.0, GEMS is an Esports 3.0 Aggregator Platform within a unique O2O (online-to-offline) Ecosystem. Our one-of-a-kind ecosystem is designed to be the ultimate, one-stop GameFi destination, allowing crypto and Esports gamers to learn, connect, and immerse themselves in different metaverses and GameFi worlds via online and offline touchpoints.

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GameFi, E-Sports, Metaverse and SocialFi. GEMS is an Esports NFT social sharing portal and O2O ecosystem.