GEMS: August in Review

4 min readSep 20, 2022

August was a bustling month for the GEMSTER community, with highlights across many events, tournaments, and partnerships. GEMS was at the Play-2-Earn Expo, held last August 10-13 at the W Bangkok Hotel. We also hosted a PUBG Mobile Tournament at the Expo. The fun did not stop there. We developed a Tournament Platform that can streamline offline competitive games and other upcoming features that gamers can look forward to.

Partnerships & Relations

The month of August has ushered in collaborations with more notable names in the Web3 gaming scene. We announced our partnerships with Animalia, a Web3 fast-paced strategy card game that is Inspired by meme culture, Kryxivia, a Play-to-Earn fantasy 3D MMORPG that is playable on any browser, and Big Time, a Free-to-Play, multiplayer action RPG where you team up with friends to adventure across time and space. Through our partnerships with them, we look forward to paving the way for the gaming and esports scenes as they transition from Web2 to Web3.

Before the month ended, we made an announcement regarding another significant partnership between GEMS and Cube Network, a Modular Layer 1 Blockchain that is EVM Compatible, Cosmos ecosystem compatible, high tech with ZK-rollups and DPOS. With Cube Network, as an innovative Layer 1 Blockchain that is well equipped for GameFi projects to come on board, and GEMS’ unique setup of bridging Esports into Web, strong synergies in the GameFi space are expected to happen.

We have also partnered with Aether Games, a game development studio that creates high-end games in the realm of crypto. All games published by Aether Games are cohesive and built in the same franchise and metaverse.

GEMS Tech Development Sneak Peek

In tech development, we are focused on developing our Esports Tournament Platform and aggregator gaming platform that can work with both Web2 and Web3 games. We shared the Play-to-Earn Arena Esports Tournament platform and registration guide for offline players, so it is easier for participants to register for the events and tournaments–and streamline tournament rewards distribution.

We showed a sneak peek of additional features of our Esports Tournament platform. This includes self-hosting tournaments that make it easier for gamers to become their own tournament host. We are also adding a leaderboard with an auto-scoring feature that will connect to esports games and automatically update the scores, making it clear as day who gets the prize pool!

Note: The platform graphic design shown below is a work in progress. It is subject to changes in the future.

GEMS Esports Tournament Platform Upcoming leaderboard feature

Play-2-Earn Expo

At the Play-2-Earn Expo held last August 10–13 at the W Bangkok Hotel in Thailand, we hosted a booth and shared the GEMS NFT Marketplace demo and the potential of its NFT rental system. GEMS also engaged with several Web2 and Web3 brands, including Binance Director of Corporate Development Adrian Ho, investment partner Capital Jon Russell, Head of Razer Blockchain Lawrence Lin, and Animoca Brands’ resident entrepreneur Rich Robinson.

Andy Koh, CEO of GEMS with Jon Russell, our investment partner with

Thailand PUBG Mobile Tournament on Binance Live

Also at the Play-2-Earn Expo event, we held a Thailand PUBG Mobile Tournament last August 13th, with Binance Live streaming the event live. Tournament players were onboarded through our Esport Tournament Platform.

Over 100 teams had already gone through the online qualifier rounds and were whittled down to 32 teams even before the day of the tournament. Qualified teams then advanced to the Thailand PUBG Mobile Tournament held at the Play-to-Earn Expo venue. There were over 120 players competing at the event, streamed live on Binance Live (peaking at concurrent 4K views) and on our YouTube and Facebook pages– hosted by our very own Partnership Manager Anjelica Cheung.

Be sure to look forward to more Esports tournaments and Expo from us in the future!

Winners of the Thailand PUBG Mobile Tournament hosted by GEMS

About GEMS

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