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Wilson: Hello #GEMSter welcome to another #GEMSCrossoverAMA. I am Wilson — GEMS Community Manager. I’m so excited to be hosting today’s AMA along with Ian — Chinese Lead from BigTime. Welcome to GEMS!

Wilson: Can you first introduce your project and team?

Ian: Big Time is a AAA-level blockchain game that supports NFTs and encrypted assets. We are built for ordinary players, you don’t need any blockchain knowledge or any capital investment. All game lovers can directly download and play! like playing a normal game

What exactly is the game like? We can compare the theme of 80% Diablo + 20% World of Warcraft + time travel.

80% of Diablo is because of the explosion of equipment by fighting mobs, players upgrade to become stronger, and then go to fight stronger monsters, as well as dungeons. 20% of World of Warcraft 1 is because it can cooperate with other players, and everyone can choose not to use a class/hero (there are warriors, mages, assassins, nurses). 2 is because there are a lot of public areas in the game, players can socialize, show their skins, etc.

A round of financing of 21 million US dollars, led by FBG Capital. North Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Alameda Research, and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.

At present, the union has bought a total of 70 million US dollars of Space, and the leading unions include Yield Guild Games, Merit Circle, Loudgg, Neo Tokyo, and Avocado Guild.

Our founding team of BIGTIME is the top talent in the industry First CEO Ari, founder of DCL

CPO (Chief Product Officer) Thor: He has led many massively multiplayer online game MMOs at EA and helped top game company Zynga grow from 0 to 20 million monthly active users, becoming the second largest IPO market value in history after Google . It was listed on Nasdaq on 12.21 last year, with a valuation of 3.1 billion US dollars.

CTO Matt: Worked for well-known game companies EA and Epic, and participated in projects such as Fortnite, Gears of War, Medal of Honor, etc.

Chief original artist Matt: worked for Riot Games, League of Legends

Lead Level Designer TJ: Formerly Infinity Ward, Call of Duty

Art Director Aaron and Development Director Martin: Both worked on Fortnite and Gears of War

Wilson: It sounds really great! How is the project now? What stage are you in?

Ian: Sure, our project currently is going strong with the statistics below:

  • Official Twitter 250,000, Discord 400,000. Second largest community among all blockchain game projects.
  • It is currently in the paid closed beta stage, with a total of 30,000 players. (The price of the closed beta pass is $100–10000, and the dropped skins will be reserved for the public beta)
  • At the beginning of July, it co-hosted an e-sports competition with Binance Live (8,000 people watched it, and major Chinese media reported it), and larger global events will be held in the future.
  • More than 500 Twitch game streamers around the world are already playing and streaming games.

This is a clip of the Esports tournament, super exciting. Maybe we can co-host some tournament with GEMS as well~

Wilson: Wow Ian, I can’t wait to co-host this tournament with BigTime. This is really cool

Ian : Sure!

Wilson: Wow, that’s impressive for a Blockchain game, so can you tell us the difference between Big Time and other blockchain games?

Compared to other blockchain games:

  • Our admission is free, you don’t need to buy any NFT to join the game
  • Our playability is super high, which means that users not only play for money, but also take the initiative to spend money to buy skins to show off:

We are a good game first, every pleasure you can get playing an MMO like WOW or Genshin impact, you can get playing Big Time.

  • We are very friendly to web2 users, using email to log in, credit card surcharge, no wallet at all.

Wilson: Can you share the tokenonomy of the game? I know you have Space and Skin and Token in the future

For free players, you have the chance to get skin NFT drop by killing enemies in the game, you can sell them on the marketplace to other players

For paid players, you can get Token by:

1. Buy a Space

2. Buy Time Warden and install it on the slot of Space

3. Use Time Warden to generate Time Hourglass

4. Equip Time Hourglass on the player

5. Consume the Time Hourglass in the game, fight monsters, Drop tokens (players without space will only drop NFTs and not tokens when they fight monsters in the game)

like how you join a special dungeon in Diablo

For the token, there is No IDO, no team allocation. The only way you can get it is by playing the game with Time Hourglass


1. Tokens are required to upgrade NFT skins using the Forge installed on the space

2. Tokens are required to refill the time hourglass

For paid players, you can upgrade skins by:

1. installing a forge on space to upgrade a low-level Space to a high-level one

2. sell it to other players in the secondary market.

In the future, when more traditional web2 game players enter, they will take the initiative to buy skins from other players. So our economy is more like a player based marketplace

Wilson: Fantastic! BigTime seems already popular among BlockChain Gamers! How do you plan to attract more non-crypto game players?

  1. The entry threshold for ordinary users is low: registration does not require a crypto wallet, just an email address. You don’t need a crypto wallet to charge money, just a credit card. No investment required, the game is free to play.
  2. High playability and diverse income: the first truly playable blockchain game. Players come here not just to make money, but to defeat other players, to build their strongest heroes, to show off their skins, to kill monsters with friends, etc.
  3. Promotion mode: In the future, we will focus on web3 and web2 fields at the same time. Through online cooperation with various game anchors and self-media, and offline cooperation with Internet cafes and e-sports teams, web2 attracts more traditional game players to enter

Wilson: How can we make money from the game now?

  1. Playing games has a probability of losing skins, and the official website can sell them directly: the most expensive skin transaction price in history is 8000U, and it is currently 1500U
  2. Invest, buy NFT Space in the secondary market: Space is the core asset of the game. It can be used to upgrade NFT skins and obtain tokens in the future. Soon we will announce specific usage, related to specific output and consumption.
  3. If you want to buy a lot, you can chat with me privately.

Live AMA Session

Impressive answers! Now we move to the Last Section of the AMA, Live-chat Questions. Please list your questions for @Ianwang666 , there will be 5 selected questions! You have around 30 seconds to send your questions.

I guess that’s enough questions! Time’s up and @Ianwang666 you can take your time and select questions to answer!! Thank you

@gerlachhelga: Has Big Time undergone any “ security audit “ ? What are does security measures to ensure our funds are safe ?

Ian: We are registered in the US. All team members have real photos and linkedin on our homepage. Our founder is the founder of Decentraland. For the fund, we partner with Circle. We are 100% safe

@elavonnn: What are Big Time expectations for Dapps and Gaming in 2022?

Ian: Not sure about 2022, but 2023 would be the year of high quality blockchain game. And we will be the leader of it.

@ortiznaomi: How many wallets that can support $ Big Time until now? And do you have any plan to build your own wallet?

Ian: We will have a feature called VAULT, it allows users to manually move assets to the blockchain/wallet they want. So by default, every assets is stored on our centralized server first.

It is more simple for web2 game players

@fbryti: According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority? Do you have enough funds and strong community to achieve the goal?

Ian: keep developing the game, add storyline, Space feature, mission system in the game

  • we have near 100M funds
  • we have 400K discord
  • we are the best blockchain game project to achieve what we want

Wilson: Great AMA @Ianwang666 ! It was delightful to have you here today!!

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Ian: 5 person selected by me, please DM me for Ruby Pass, thanks

Wilson: Thank you Ian and all GEMSter that participated , feel free to try out BigTime as its the HOTTEST Game in the BlockChain Game World now!!

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